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Introducing Schoolcraft College Difference Makers

As part of Schoolcraft College’s 50th anniversary celebration we wanted to honor the college’s 50-year legacy of serving this community by recognizing the people who have created that legacy and have helped make the college and the community what it is today.

In seeking nominations from our various constituent groups and the community during the early part of 2012, we defined Difference Makers as those who have made an impact on Schoolcraft College; and those, by virtue of their relationship to Schoolcraft College, who have had a significant impact on their community, professionally or personally.

Nominees and nominators included  current students, alumni or former students, instructors, staff members, retirees, administrators, donors, volunteers, board members, friends, community leaders, business leaders, and employers.

We hope you will enjoy reading the profiles of our Schoolcraft College Difference Makers. You can find their stories in the Categories list to the right. They are categorized either in alphabetic groupings  or by the type of relationship each nominee has with the college; or use the Search option above.

Douglas H. Adams, Trustee, Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees
Holly Austin, Associate Professor-Nursing
Mary Baharozian, Alumna and Special Education Teacher, P.S. 133 Fred R. Moore Academy (New York)
Linda Balfour, Mathematics Professor Emeritus (retired)
Board of Trustees of Schoolcraft College
Dr. Eric J. Bradner (deceased), Former President, 1961-1971
Brian D. Broderick, Chair, Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees
Midge Carleton, Associate Dean of Sciences Emeritus (retired), and Ladner Carleton (deceased), Community Volunteer and Friend of Schoolcraft College
Barbara Carpenter, Alumna and Nurse, University of Michigan Health System
Lowell Cook, Business Professor Emeritus (retired)
Matthew Cornett, Alumnus, Jack Kent Cooke Scholar, and student at University of Michigan
Kathy Cox, Coordinator of Student Employment
Ingrid Crepeau, Alumna and Owner of TLC Preschool (Livonia)
Dr. Deborah Daiek, Associate Dean of Learning Support Services
Keith Dawkins, Student, Class of 2012
John R. Elkins, Trustee, Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees
Midge Ellis, Coordinator of Special Events Honoraire (retired) and Community Volunteer
Nellie Esch (deceased), previous owner of property on which the main campus in Livonia was built
Leah Esslinger, Student, Class of 2012
James G. Fausone, Trustee, Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees
Morad Fawsey, Alumnus and Automotive Technology Instructor (retired), Lincoln Technical Institute (Maryland)
Nolan Finley, Distinguished Alumnus and Editorial Page Editor of Detroit News
Dr. Gary Gabel, Distinguished Alumnus, Author and Business Owner
Dr. Marvin Gans, Assistant Dean of Continuing Education Services Emeritus (retired)
Joan A. Gebhardt, Treasurer, Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees
Amy Green-Diens, Alumna and Department Chair-Art and Design, College of Architecture, Lawrence Technological University
Dr. C. Nelson Grote, Former President, 1971-1980
Michelle Hall, Alumna and Hospice Case Manager and Nurse
Sirkka Gudan (deceased), Assistant Dean for Academic and Assessment Services
Cheryl Hagen, Dean of Student Services
Dr. Rebecca Himm, Distinguished Alumna and Dentist
Christine Hinkle (deceased), Established endowment fund for scholarships
Cheri Holman, Alumna and Associate Dean of Distance Learning
Dr. Conway A. Jeffress, Current President, 2001-present
Laurie Kattuah-Snyder, Assistant Director of Student Services
Gene Keyes, Adjunct Associate Professor-Manufacturing Technology and Business Owner
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Keyes, President, Future Three Software (Northville) and Friends of Schoolcraft College
Mary Ellen King, Alumna, Social Worker (retired), Community Volunteer and Friend of Schoolcraft College
Earl LaBean, Alumnus and Infusion Clinician
Terri Lamb, Faculty Facilitator
Jodi Latuszek, J.D., Alumna and Lawyer, Child Welfare Services State Court Administrative Office
Dr. Jerome Lavis, Instructor-Chemistry
Chef Shawn Loving, Alumnus, Department Chair and Associate Professor-Culinary Arts
Marjorie Lynch, Special Events Coordinator
Thomas Marek, Ford Motor Company (retired), Established endowment fund for scholarships, and Friend of Schoolcraft College
Dr. Richard W. McDowell, Former President, 1981-2001
Chef Christopher Misiak, Adjunct Professor-Culinary Arts
Dr. Jane K. Moehle (deceased), Former member of Board of Trustees
Josselyn Moore, Associate Professor-Anthropology, Sociology, Archaeology
Donald Morelock, Professor-Music (retired)
Dr. James Nissen, Associate Professor-Humanities
Lawrence Ordowski, Associate Dean of Liberal Arts Emeritus (retired)
Larry Podlaski, Alumnus and Owner of Park N Go (Romulus)
Jeffrey Puhlman, Media Systems Technician
Michelle Randall, Associate Professor-Accounting
The Reid Family, Distinguished Alumni
James Rexius, Professor-Geology
Victoria Rexius, Alumni and Friends Program Coordinator
Arthur and Diane Rockall, Distinguished Alumnus, Established endowment fund for scholarships, and Friends of Schoolcraft College
Patricia Rubio, Professor-Health Information Technology (retired)
Elzbieta Rybicka, Assistant Professor-English
Henry and Jane Schoolcraft, 19th century scholars
Dr. Faye Schuett, Professor-English (retired)
Sherry Springer, Alumna and Coordinator of Student Activities Honoraire (retired)
Gayle Stanek (deceased), Former Director of Media Services
Jon Stocking, Alumnus and Owner of Republic Pie (California)
Carol M. Strom, Vice Chair, Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees
Student Aides of Schoolcraft College
Kai-Ling Su, Instructor-Computer Graphics Technology
Roger Sutherland, Biology Professor Emeritus (retired)
Dr. Nancy Vandewiele Milligan, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, Wayne State University
Alfred Walgenbach, Alumnus and Vice President of Construction, A&P Supermarkets (retired)
Patricia Watson, Schoolcraft College Board of Trustees (retired)
Dr. Sherie Williams, Alumna and Associate Professor, Grand Valley State University
Michael J. Wisniewski, Jr., Student, Class of 2012
John Wright, Alumnus and Executive Director of Plant Operations
Dr. Kathryn Young, Alumna and Obstetrician/Gynecologist


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